Sally's Mosaic Furniture and Tile

Series Two: Stone mix

Series One: montage



Available colors (left to right): Blue White Marble, Blue White Chiaro, Blue White Terra Cotta


Available colors (left to right): Midnight, Sunrise, Beige/Black

Custom color combinations can be ordered with a 15% surcharge. Details must be discussed with the studio prior to ordering. Sample tile order required for approval of custom color.



6"x 6" = $48.00

8"x 8" = $58.00


Glass Tiles 















Glass mosaic tiles are hand made from a unique combination of stained, irridescent, mirrored, imprinted and swirled art glass, mounted beads and jewelry finds. Glass tiles are not grouted.


Available patterns: 

Broadway (multi color) and Ice Palace (white/silver). 



4"x 4" = $32.00

2"x 4" = $17.00

2"x 2" = $12.00

mosaic Tiles





















Each mosaic tile is hand crafted from a variety of materials including tile, glass, vintage china, shells, marbles, jewelry, and found objects. Every mosaic tile is custom created and cannot be duplicated. Materials are hand applied on tile bisque, grouted and for wall installation only. Some tiles may contain bottle or champagne tops. If you want to eliminate those, please specify at the time of the order.


Available colors:

Blue, green, terra cotta, white/silver, bone, yellow and rainbow (as shown above). Custom color combinations can be ordered with a 15% surcharge.  Sample tile order required for approval of custom color.



4"x 4" = $28.00

2"x 4" = $15.00

2"x 2" = $10.00


Tiles for all four lines are available in sizes as detailed below. Custom wall inserts and flooring sections also available upon request.


Marble, stone and granite tiles are made from mixtures of unusual marbles, granites, patterned travertines, ceramics, glass, terra cotta and some semi precious stones.  Tiles are mounted on durock, and for wall installation only. Tiles can be fabricated for floors for a 25% surcharge.

All tile orders subject to shipping minimum. Deposit required to place order. Balance due in full prior to order shipment.

Custom Tiles 

Custom designs and motifs can be created using the all of the above materials and incorporating personal elements.

Please contact the studio to inquire about custom possibilities and pricing. 

Custom tile example.